Above all FanVision came up from a good idea:

What if we used UHF to provide video channels and live stats to sport fans?

Why UHF?

Simply because wireless and mobile networks would not be able to satisfy the volume of data needed to display all the content offered by FanVision to thousands of fans gathered at the same place at the same time.

But FanVision is a lot more than that!

Scroll down and see what we can do for you.      



Golf, tennis, football and race fans use the LEGEND FanVision Controller at the stadium to follow the action with live audio, video and stats.


Every season more than 100,000 NASCAR fans rent a FanVision Controller to keep pace with their favorite drivers. They get to listen in on live team communications, watch in-car camera feeds and check continuously updating leaderboards. Fans who love NASCAR need FanVision.


Most FanVision customers use a Controller only once or twice a year, so we made the interface very first-time user friendly, provided all-day battery life, and focused on features that deliver maximum value with minimum learning curve.


The FanVision Controller is a workhorse. Its low latency, durability and legendary reliability have made it not only a fan favorite, but a utility among professionals and media at some of the country's largest sporting events.


FanVision Bolt is a purpose-built mobile accessory for sporting events. It solves the problems of wireless connectivity and mobile device charging in stadiums.

Content Delivery

Bolt connects to the FanVision Network to pump live audio, video and stats into any iOS or Android device. Since the FanVision Network isn't based on WiFi or 3G/4G technology, an unlimited number of fans can enjoy streaming content without worrying about their data cap or seeing the dreaded "buffering" wheel.

Mobile Charging

Every Bolt unit includes a massive battery that has enough power to supply its own needs and recharge the fan's mobile device up to 100% over the course of an event. Since fans can carry Bolt wherever they go in venue, they can forget about waiting in line at a charging station.


FanVision provides a simple SDK to app developers. Once integrated, FanVision audio, video and stats appear within the team or venue app. This system enhances partners' existing mobile apps with exclusive content and saves fans the trouble of downloading another app.


PRO wirelessly delivers content to screens of any size across large or temporary event spaces.

For Professionals

NASCAR race teams rely on FanVision PRO to track their drivers in real-time. Advanced features include lap and time comparison charts, leaderboard visualizations and multi-camera split-screen video.


PRO helps events that take place outdoors or have temporary infrastructure to save money and grow sponsorship revenue. PRO's wireless digital content delivery method cuts out the need for expensive cable or fiber and enables the dynamic placement of advertising and sponsorship on any screen.


PRO plugs into tiny tablets and giant jumbotrons - and everything between. No matter the screen size, PRO can connect to display content in a variety of size-appropriate templates.


Companies tap FanVision to design and develop integrated systems that make use of our unique mix of expertise in hardware design, software development, fan experience design and content delivery.

Living Room Suites

The Miami Dolphins chose FanVision to develop a fully integrated A/V system for their sideline living room boxes. The result is a world class experience that enables fans to do everything from watch the Red Zone channel to order food to check Fantasy stats without leaving their luxurious seats.

Honda Classic

FanVision powered the Honda Classic golf tournament digital fan experience on screens of all sizes. From the lakeside jumbotron to the 50-inch displays in dozens of suites, FanVision provided everything from video production to sponsor integration to content delivery and display.


FanVision continues to develop new and exciting technology in disciplines ranging from mobile app development to RF to hardware design. Our sports and entertainment clients trust us to take complex business requirements and create exciting, intuitive, and reliable fan experiences on screens of every size.

Company History

2002 Kangaroo TV is founded by the Arseneau brothers (Jean & Marc)


Gen1 - First Product Launch
150 Protoytpes are built.


1,000 Gen1 devices are manufactured.


1750 Protoytpes are built.



26,750 Gen2 devices are manufactured.





5,000 Protoytpes are built.


94,804 Gen3 devices shipped for NFL.