What is FanVision?

What is FanVision?

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FanVision is the only provider of rich, in-venue content at live sports events—delivered right to your fingertips. It’s a whole new way to watch live sports.

Grab hold of 10 channels of sports entertainment and information, including live video, multiple camera angles, instant replays, real-time statistics, audio commentary, out-of-market games and more, available in the palms of your hands, anywhere at the stadium, the track, or on the course.

FanVision brings you inside the sport, so you never miss a touchdown, a photo finish, or an impossible shot. Welcome to a world where you’re more than just a spectator, you control how you watch. Welcome to the Inside.

Get started by choosing to Rent or Buy a FanVision controller.

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How It Works?

FanVision delivers rich content via a dedicated in-venue broadcast network to your FanVision controller handheld controller , not your mobile phone. This means you don’t have to worry about poor signal or network overload. You receive the highest-quality audio and video—wherever you are inside the venue—with no downloading, no streaming, and no waiting.

There are two ways to get in. You can either purchase a FanVision controller or rent one for select events.

FanVision Features

Batteries included

  • A Sharp 4.3-inch Screen

    Watch the game clearly and vividly, even in bright daylight.

  • Instant Replays from Multiple Camera Angles

    No waiting for it to buffer or load.

  • Live Coverage

    View the action live from multiple camera angles.

  • 6-Hour Battery Life

    Ensuring you can see the whole game.

  • Exclusive Highlight Reels

    Catch the action as many times as you want.

  • Audio

    Listen to live audio from your team’s local announcers and hear national feeds for select out-of-market games.

  • Stats & Bios

    Pull up the latest info on your favorite team, conference, players or drivers.