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Say goodbye to missing the far turn of the track, the Hole In One, the historic moment.

With a FanVision® controller, you can choose from multiple camera angles, replays, audio, real-time stats and more at Nascar®.

And since everything is delivered on a dedicated network, there is no downloading, no buffering and no waiting. All the action is delivered to you the moment it happens. Never miss a thing. Go inside your favorite sport now. Watch the demo.

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Rent or buy a FanVision® controller and go inside the action with:
  • Live broadcast
  • Multiple camera views
  • Instant replays
    and highlights
  • Live stats from
    other events
  • Real-time
    detailed stats
  • Live audio
  • Comprehensive
    athlete bios
  • Season results
  • Venue information
    and maps
  • Features both splitscreen
    and fullscreen options
  • Exclusive team content

1. Choose from 8 live video streams and replays with just one easy move. 2. Up-to-the-second stats are always at your fingertips. 3. Easily switch between statistics, the digital radio scanner and replays. 4. The battery level indicator will assure that you never miss any action. 5. Powerful antenna taps into the super-fast dedicated network.

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